Uncommon Competency

Lloyd Hall on Boathouse Row

The systems and solutions we execute are informed solely by the needs of the project, no matter where it is located.

Of our nine LPI Certified Master Installers, four hold Master Installer/Designer certifications. This uncommon competency evidences our commitment to quality at every level. We do things right the first time. Our process is seamless from design, through installation, to certification. And, we do the little things, all of them.


Private homes showcase Warren Lightning Rod Company’s virtuosity as we work within the home’s unique aesthetic to deliver functional, discreet lightning protection systems. From historic homes to new construction, our skillsets afford infinite possibilities to appropriately solve your lightning protection challenges.

No matter what the style or material, whether your roof is pitched, flat, mansard, gambrel, or even a dramatic work of art, we have done them all and have the experience and the solutions to meet the need.

Commercial & Industrial

In addition to the men and women who work within their confines, commercial and industrial buildings routinely contain valuable technology assets, digital infrastructure, equipment, hardware, financial, security and other mission-essential systems. The aftermath of a catastrophic lightning event can devastate operations.

Building damage can range from one-room contained events to structural degradation and deadly fires. Data loss, equipment damage and loss, business interruptions and personal injury exact a devastating toll on any organization.


Warren Lightning Rod Company has decades of experience successfully executing the design and installation of lightning protection systems in strict accordance with established military standards. Our experience encompasses munitions, aviation, and multiple other special use facilities and circumstances inherent to military bases, buildings and structures.

Several members of our staff and your project team are veterans, including a West Point Graduate, and have received government clearance to work in military settings.

System and Solution Design

System design modeling showcases our deep understanding of and proficiency with structural and aesthetic design interface. We work closely with architects, engineers, and roofing consultants respecting and incubating the design professional’s work with functional, aesthetically sensitive system design.

LPI Master Installer/Designers bring decades of experience with a multitude of building and structure types, and the system design challenges and opportunities inherent to each. Our systems are NFPA 780 and UL 96A code-compliant. No matter what your team’s comfort level with lightning protection, we meet you at your point of need.


Warren Lightning Rod Company offers continuing education programming for design professionals in the proper design and installation of lightning protection systems.

This no cost service is AIA accredited with credits earned for attendance.


Warren Lightning Rod Company offers third-party certification through a nationally recognized testing Laboratory via the Lightning Protection Institute’s Inspection Program (LPI-IP). Certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is also available.

Third-party verification and certification of system compliance with UL96A may entitle you to insurance discounts.


Cost-effective inspections of existing lightning protection systems maintain your investment, ensuring your protection is adequate, functional and current.

We service all lightning protection systems. Maintenance contracts are customized to meet your needs and the requirements of your insurance carrier.

Buildings continually undergo changes that impact the effectiveness of a lightning protection system’s efficacy. Professional inspection and maintenance provide peace of mind that your building is properly protected. It may also reduce the expense of renewing the system certification.


Continuity Test

Continuity tests are recommended in cases of unusual deterioration, questionable connectivity, and the inability to perform visual inspection.

Ground Resistance Test

This test verifies that the resistance of the system’s grounding is sufficiently low to provide the optimal path for a lightning charge during strike.


We understand the site-specific needs of every design.

All design documents are done in-house by our team of LPI Certified Master Installer/Designers, not by a manufacturer that will never lay eyes on the jobsite.

Our responsive approach provides submittals in less than two weeks from receipt of a purchase order. In the case of emergencies, we work with you to provide drawings as quickly as possible.


Our team approach lends itself to creative solutions and innovative installations that resolve design concerns while meeting nationally recognized U.S. standards.

We desire to solve your problems, so you don’t have to deal with them. Every crew has at least one LPI Certified Master Installer in the field every day.

We believe in comprehensive pricing. We do not charge for extra work unless we know the owner understands the need for it and that any contractor we are working for will get paid for it.

Meeting the needs of our customers is essential. We do all we can to accommodate your scheduling needs, even if it means pulling executives out of the office to do your job when you have to have it done.

Surge Protection & Suppression

Commercial and residential surge protection protects the electronics, appliances, hardware and software operating within the structure. We consult with you to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing potential surge issues.


Our courteous staff understands that voicemail systems do not provide answers, which is why we answer the phone.

The job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done. We have office staff dedicated to putting the petty paper in its place. From insurance certificates, certified payrolls, release of liens, to OCIP’s, we get you what you need, when you need it.

Project Close Out

The prompt delivery of as-built drawings, certifications, warranties, and operation and maintenance manuals is as much a part of the job as the installation. This is all part of the paperwork that precedes payment.