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Our Roots Run Deep

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Founded by John Warren, Warren Lightning Rod Company evolved under Mr. Warren’s guiding ethos of fairness, integrity, dependability and quality. From 1950 through his passing nearly forty years later, his insight, wisdom and inspiration stewarded our growth.


Hank Lancaster took up the mantle during the difficult time immediately prior to and after Mr. Warren’s passing. Under Hank’s leadership, Warren Lightning Rod Company continued to progress, taking the lead role it maintains today, advancing the highest professional and quality standards within our industry. Hank Lancaster retired from his day-to-day duties in 1995. He continues as our Chief Executive Officer Emeritus.

Theodore Ciemiengo (Ted, to all who knew him) was a disciplined, passionate member of the Warren family. During a career that spanned more than five decades, Ted progressed from installer to company president. At the close of his tenure, Ted also served as the Chief of Operations. Ted’s professional evolution saw him occupy almost every job within our company.


Warren Lightning Rod Company is led by President Steve Humeniuk. Steve brings the same deeply rooted value system to every aspect of his role as did Ted, Hank and John Warren before him. Steve leads a team of likeminded, tenured professionals that includes one of the nation’s largest groups of LPI Certified Master Installers. Warren Lightning Rod Company installers’ average tenure is in excess of 20 years.

From the receptionist to the company president, every employee of Warren Lightning Rod Company is an LPI Certified professional.

Warren Lightning Rod Company leads from the front on issues of public policy and legislation to enhance public and corporate safety through the use of optimal lightning protection systems and technology. We aggressively advocate compliance with the nationally recognized standards we help write and certify. A founding member of the Lightning Safety Alliance, we are active members of the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriters Laboratories, and the Lightning Protection Institute.