Certification Services

As an extension of our installation services, we offer third-party certification through the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Picture1The Lightning Protection Institute Inspection Program (LPI-IP) provides a lightning protection inspection and certification service more thorough and more complete than any previous inspection program from the LPI or any other currently on the market


The Underwriters Laboratories Master Label Service provides UL Logothird-party verification of system compliance with UL96A and possible insurance discounts.

Warren Lightning Rod Company offers these programs for those who request it. These certifications are above and beyond our normal installation service, but in no way impact the quality or effectiveness of an installation. We charge a flat fee for this services, which covers LPI’s / UL’s charges and our expense of creating as-built drawings for them.

Check with your insurance provider; they may offer you a discount if your system has a UL Master Label Certificate.

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