SONY DSCIn over 60 years of installing lightning protection systems, Warren Lightning Rod Company has not only been involved in almost every type of project, but we have been instrumental in writing the national standards that govern lightning protection. As we move into a new century and a new era of building technology, we are ready to protect your property, your family, your business, and your future from lightning strike damage.

Our services include lightning protection designs, installations, certifications, testing, and inspections.

What can you expect with our services?

Customer Care:

Our office staff is available to personally answer your questions and work with you.


Somerville Train Station - Pat at workExperience matters when lightning threatens your family and/or your property. Having installed thousands of lightning protection systems on virtually every type of structure, we can say with experience and authority that we can provide proven, affordable protection from lightning.


Lightning protection need not compromise the beauty or appeal of your building or home. We specialize in unique, custom installations that can either add to the distinction of your building, or be virtually invisible.

  • If your interest is in adding a special feature to your roofline, we can offer either our own in-house items, or weathervanes from Whitehall Products.
  • If you prefer that the system be as inconspicuous as possible, our expert installers can conceal many of the components in attic spaces and behind existing features, such as downspouts and corner molding. If your building is new construction, all of the cable can safely be enclosed in attic and wall spaces behind drywall. However, lightning rods (air terminals) and ground rods will still be located outside the structure, according to Code requirements.